How to get perfectly laminated brows

How to get perfectly laminated brows

Eyebrow lamination is the latest beauty trend to take over Instagram, and for a good reason. This look is polished and put-together but natural enough to rock daily. Plus, it's surprisingly easy to achieve with the help of a few essential products. Here's all you require to know about getting perfectly laminated brows.

What is brow lamination, and what are the benefits?

Eyebrow lamination process involves "perming" your eyebrow hair to provide a more even look. The final look features three things: 1. Lifted brows, and 2. Fluffy brows. 

Apart from the look, brow lamination is beneficial in getting: 

  • A natural look
  • Hiding brow hair thinning: The brow hair thins with age as it is shed. The already sluggish development adds to an unsightly appearance. Brow thinning can also be caused by overplucking and overwaxing.
  • Painless treatment. The procedure is pain-free and does not hurt.

How to prepare your brows for lamination? 

Remove any traces of makeup or cosmetics before the treatment to avoid any adverse reactions. 

How long does it take?

The process is simple and takes only 15-20 minutes. Follow the instructions to the ‘T’ when using an eyebrow lamination kit. 

  • Clean the brow area: Use a cotton swab soaked in brow cleanser or micellar water to remove dirt, oil, or makeup. 
  • Apply skin barrier lotion (step 1)  to protect the skin around the brows. 
  • Brow Lift Lotion (step 2): It increases the hair's malleability and makes it easier to brush up in the desired direction. The duration you leave the solution depends on your hair type. 6-12 minutes maximum. 
  • Cover it with Brow Film Wrap. Let it rest for 6-12 minutes based on the thickness of the hairs, then remove it with a sponge applicator or a dry cotton bud.
  • Shape it. Using a mascara brush, brush the brows upwards in the desired direction.
  • Brow Perming Lotion (step 3): After you apply the lotion, leave for 6-12 minutes, and then remove it with a sponge applicator or dry cotton bud. Your eyebrows will be set into place to achieve the perfect shape.
  • Tint (optional): If you want thick brows, apply a brow tint now. If you do this procedure, skip the next one.
  • Brow Nourish. Leave the provided product on and remove after 5 minutes for a healthier and glossier finish. 
  • Sculpt: Give your brows one last tidy to ensure everything is in place. Remove any stray hairs with wax or tweezers, and then style them back into place.

Alternatively, you can meet an expert to get professional brows. 

Aftercare instructions

  • Keep your brows dry for the first day after getting them done
  • Do not apply makeup or undergo any treatments on the laminated brows for the first 24 hours.
  • Use a brow conditioner once daily.
  • Rubbing or overly intimate contact with your brows is not a good idea.

FAQs about brow lamination

How often should you get your eyebrows laminated?

Depending on how you take care of it, a brow lamination can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

What are some common side effects of brow lamination? 

Some common side effects include redness, swelling, and itchiness. 

Can I do brow lamination at home? 

Yes, our eyebrow lamination kits are available for purchase and will allow you to perform the treatment at home. Nevertheless, it is always good to consult a professional to ensure the treatment is done correctly and to avoid potential side effects.


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