Education Masterclass for Brow Technician Course

Brow Technician Course Masterclass

A Virtual Masterclass is pending..

We want to guide you through the brow lamination process. We have dedicated this space for a virtual masterclass where we can educate you on all things brow lamination, styling and more! . Whether you are an aspiring brow artist, want to hone your brow lamination skills or looking to teach yourself a new skill – this masterclass is ideal for you!

The purpose of the IBROU Masterclass is to gain the knowledge and skills required for brow lamination procedures. We cover the following areas:

How to measure and shape brows
How to complete brow lamination using the IBROU kit
How to tint brows

Upon completing the IBROU MASTERCLASS class, you will be issued a certificate of participation via email and receive a further 10% discount for your next order!

Once you have registered, you will receive a PDF manual covering the steps involved in brow lamination. You will also receive a video tutorial demonstrating the brow lamination procedure, the IBROU way!

This course is not nationally or internationally accredited. It is a private, online course for individuals who want to learn the IBROU method of brow measuring, shaping, lamination and tinting.

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