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IBROU – where ethics meet aesthetics.​

Mastermind Behind IBROU

Lana Tarek

Lana is renowned as one of Australia’s leading eyebrow specialists and qualified trainers.
Lana Tarek

With over ten years’ experience in the field, Lana has traveled internationally to service clients abroad and refine her skills with some of the industry’s leading professionals. Now an expert in the field, Lana is dedicating her career to the art and geometrics of eyebrow shaping.

What started as a simple interest to shape the perfect brow from her home led her to open her studio in 2014. Since venturing into business, Lana has added her signature touch to the brow industry. She is an educational asset to many aspiring eyebrow artists who graduate from her very own Browcademy. Many who have moved on to become very successful in the field.

Professional Brow Kit and Brow Supplies for Experts

Meet Ibrou. She represents the ideal brow: voluminous, feathery and fluffy.

She is the best investment you can make. She comes with a larger capacity of contents that help you service more clients.

Maintain Perfect Brows

IBROU is the first company to introduce a 4-step lamination system to the brow industry with our latest Brow Lamination Kit. But it doesn’t stop there; IBROU has surpassed traditional brow kits by being the FIRST to introduce our IBROU Skin Barrier Lotion – designed to protect the skin after the lamination procedure. The IBROU kit is great value for money as the contents are double the size of traditional brow lamination kits and designed in Australia with Vegan and Cruelty-Free ingredients. 


IBROU is revolutionising the brow industry with products and tools designed to make brow lamination user friendly, time-efficient and shape brows into full and fluffy perfection. The kit is made up of products that work cohesively together to create brows that appear hyperreal — and then the results will last so long you’ll start to question that maybe they are.

Feedback From Professional Brow Artists and Customers

Very easy to apply and no smell
Very easy to apply and no smell
Karly G.
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Loving the simple application and have noticed a small difference in length but only used for four days. Excited to see after 4 weeks
Vanessa F.
Read More
It made my eyebrows very smooth with the flat end. I am really happy.
Yep works amazing
Yep works amazing
Gail M.
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Couldn’t be happier with my brows and how easy this kit was. So quick to use!
Results are amazing
Results are amazing
Ramona A.
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I love this. Very good and effective and easy to use. Highly recommended.
Very Nice
Very Nice
Melanie K.
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So glad I found this full eyebrows system. Each product is beautiful and works exactly as it says. I am blown away at how good my eyebrows and they are all real.
Blown away by the results!!
Blown away by the results!!
Melanie K.
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Just started using it so let’s see what results will show in 2 weeks 😊


IBROU is an Australian founded and based brow specialist company that is leading the industry with innovative and exceptional products of the highest quality. We are proud to help men and women obtain the perfect eyebrows they have always wanted. With quality and performance being our baseline, you can expect exceptional results from all IBROU brow supplies. To find out more about IBROU and our core values, please head to our about us page.

The IBROU 4-Step Lamination Kit is a professional brow kit that produces wonderful results by adding volume to the eyebrow and pattern to the hairs. It is the first in the industry to be composed of 4 steps, not just 3, for longer-lasting and superior results. We provide detailed instruction, an instructional video and an online masterclass (coming soon) on how to best utilise our professional brow kit so that you can get your money’s worth by having customers love your work from the very first application.

Our IBROU professional brow kit and other brow supplies are designed only for use by trained professionals and brow technicians. We are developing an IBROU online course to provide specialised training on our IBROU kits for those who want to be recognised as IBROU artists. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for how our products are used, even if the user believes they have followed the proper instructions.

Yes, we do. While our professional brow kit comes with all you need to service your clients, you can buy individual supplies to add to your stock or top up on your most-used products from our complete kit as they run low. In our shop, you can find individually sold lamination adhesives, lamination kits, pro pencils, mapping strings and brow wraps.

IBROU is a revolutionary professional brow kit, the first in the industry to include a skin barrier lotion to protect the skin after the lamination procedure. Moreover, each bottle of product in the IBROU kit is double the size of traditional brow lamination kits. So with each kit, you get all the products you need to service between 30 to 35 clients — great value for money.

Yes, the IBROU professional brow kit is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. You can find a complete list of the ingredients used in each item under the Ingredients tab on the product’s page, as well as on all product packaging. 

Have we missed a question? Head to our site FAQs page or contact us and ask us directly. We’d be happy to answer any enquiries.


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