IBROU is the first company to introduce a 4-step lamination system to the brow industry with our latest Brow Lamination Kit. But it doesn’t stop there; IBROU has surpassed traditional brow kits by being the FIRST to introduce our IBROU Skin Barrier Lotion – designed to protect the skin after the lamination procedure. The IBROU kit is great value for money as the contents are double the size of traditional brow lamination kits and designed in Australia with Vegan and Cruelty-Free ingredients.

IBROU is revolutionising the brow industry with products and tools designed to make brow lamination user friendly, time-efficient and shape brows into full and fluffy perfection. The kit is made up of products that work cohesively together to create brows that appear hyperreal — and then the results will last so long you’ll start to question that maybe they are.